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BJP to withdraw case against conversion of Kamal Nath

BJP to withdraw case against conversion of Kamal Nath

After the decision to withdraw cases against Dalits and Congress workers, Kamal Nath is now in the process of withdrawing the second case filed in BJP rule. In the Kamal Nath government, Law Minister PC Sharma indicated that during the last 15 years, political issues registered against Christians in the BJP rule will be withdrawn.

In fact, the delegation of people of the Christian community under the banner of the National Christian Federation had reached Law Minister PC Sharma. During the meeting, the Christian community handed a memorandum to the Law Minister, in which he said that in the state of Madhya Pradesh, 300 false cases have been registered for conversion from 2003 to the year 2018. National Convener of National Christian Association Dr. Anand Mundughal said that since the BJP government came in 2003, since then, fake cases of conversion have been made by accusing Christians of being a Congress worker.

The BJP and its fundamentalist organizations believe that people belonging to the Christian community are pro-Congress and therefore, on the basis of social, educational and religious activities against us, fake cases were registered with the help of local government. Father Munuugal said that the people associated with the Christian community have made three major demands from the law minister, in which the lawsuits filed on Christians in the province from 2003 to 2018 should be examined, the cases filed for the purpose of harassing Christians were returned. Go and identify those who make false cases and take action against them.

In the opinion of PC Sharma, Public Relations Minister of Madhya Pradesh, whatever cases have been registered with the spirit of revenge, they will be withdrawn and the people of Christian society will be given relief.

How often are Christians on target

According to the National Christian Association, when the BJP came to power in Madhya Pradesh in 2003, the first case came in Jhabua district on December 4, 2003, when people of the Christian community were attacked. There was also a person’s death. Apart from this, in the months of January, March, April and May 2004, cases were registered against Christians. In the year 2005, incidents were reported in Rajgarh, Jabalpur, Mandideep, Indore, Gwalior and Debra and every year this increased. According to Father Mundughal, he has information of 264 cases, but there are many such cases, whose information is not with the National Christian Federation.

BJP protested

In the Kamal Nath government, the BJP has opposed the statement of Minister PC Sharma’s withdrawal of case filed against people of the Christian community. The party said that if the cases of conversions were withdrawn, then BJP will be bitterly protesting. Spokesperson Rajneesh Agarwal said that the way the Law Minister of the state government is talking about the withdrawal of cases of conversion on Christian missionaries, it seems that the Congress government is planning to promote conversion in the state. The Bharatiya Janata Party will not allow this scheme to succeed and will strongly oppose such efforts.

While accusing the BJP, he said that this statement by Law Minister PC Sharma appears to be that the Congress government is planning to promote conversion in the state and send it to the state government from 10 Janpath (residence of Sonia Gandhi). has gone.

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