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Seat sealed on many decisions in the Cabinet meeting

Seat sealed on many decisions in the Cabinet meeting

29 agendas were brought to the meeting, except for one, all others were accepted. Minister of State Krishna Bedi told that direct recruitment for HCS promotion from Group C will be done through the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC). The cabinet has approved this decision. The department’s head of the staff will be recommended to HPSC.

In the meeting, the proposal for amendment was approved in the State Election Commissioner Service Terms Rules, 1994. The Haryana Government has decided to set up a State Social Security Board.

he State Social Security Board will assist the State Government in preparing a suitable scheme for the workers in the unorganized sector, monitor social welfare schemes for the unorganized workers administered by the state government, monitor the work being done at the district level, in the unorganized sector Workers will review the progress of registering and issuing cards, under various schemes, money Sector will review expenditures and conduct other work to be periodically assigned by the government

In the meeting of the State Cabinet, the proposal of development and panchayat department has been approved for the development of Gram Panchayat Faizabad (Pahsur), Khand and District Jhajjar 5 Kannal 5.10 Maran Shamlat land with 5 kanals of Economic Township 6.22 Murala land. . Acceptance of land transfer has been given as land of Panchayat model is an idle piece that ends in the land of Economic Township Limited and is not being used for cultivation. On the other hand, the village panchayat is getting land near the ‘My Village Mary Bagiya’ and it will be used for the general work of the village.

In the meeting of the State Cabinet here today under the chairmanship of Manohar Lal, the Haryana Municipality (Amendment) Act, 2018 was approved. Under the amendment, for effective administration of the respective areas, the State Government can now work in keeping with the existing census in view of the past census as there has been a simultaneous increase in the area’s population during the interval period between Gat and the current census.

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