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Sharda Chit Fund Scam and Mamta Banerjee protest chit fund case inside story

Sharda Chit Fund Scam and Mamta Banerjee protest chit fund case inside story

Such a reaction to the CBI action in the Shardha Chit Fund scam that the anti-BJP camp was once again on one platform. Just before the Lok Sabha election this front of opposition parties has changed the attitude of the state. While the Congress is celebrating this event as a great opportunity for solidarity, BJP is claiming the collusion of scandals and weakening the existence of the alliance. At the same time, he is also accusing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of saving the Rajdhari. In such a case, the questions are rising, is there really something that is being dishonored?

To find the answer, the chit fund case has to be understood by the tafsil. In fact, the Shardha Chit fund scam is about Rs 40,000 crore, which started in West Bengal in July 2008 by making a chit fund company named after the Sharada Group. Through this company, tempting offers were given to cheating the common people and money was taken from around 10 lakh people, in addition to West Bengal besides Odisha and Assam people.

Sharda Group offered to people to make money in 34 years by investing in bonds in 25 years. In addition, vegetables in the potato business were shown to double the amount in 15 months. In just four years, in addition to West Bengal, 300 offices were opened in Jharkhand, Orissa and North East states. But when the turn of the people to return their money, the offices of the Saradha chit fund company got locked.

It is alleged that the owner of Shardha Chitfund Company, Sudipto Sen, introduced the identity of every party leader during the scam. Because of this, such a big scam could be executed. But when this scam opened, many ministers and MPs of the Mamta Government came in to wrap it.

Scandal revealed in 2013

The Shardha scandal was exposed in the year 2013, for which the Mamta Government ordered the probe of the West Bengal Police’s SIT and this SIT was led by IPS Rajiv Kumar. As SIT head, Rajiv Kumar was arrested in Jammu and Kashmir by the mastermind of the Saradha scam and Sarda Chitfund chief Sudipto Sen and his associate Devjani Mukherjee were arrested.

Supreme court handed investigation to CBI in 2014

The Supreme Court handed over the investigation of this case to the CBI in 2014. The accused, arrested in the CBI inquiry, told that the SIT had seized some important documents from him along with a red diary, pen drive. Now the CBI claims that the names of the leaders who took the money from Chitfund Company in the red diary seized by the SIT were named. It is alleged that Rajiv Kumar, who was SIT head at that time, did not submit the important documents related to the case to the CBI. The CBI says that some important evidence related to scams had either been tampered with or they were vanished to save certain people during the SIT investigation.

In this connection, the CBI wanted to interrogate Kolkata’s current police commissioner Rajiv Kumar but when a CBI team did not respond to CBI’s notice, Rajiv Kumar reached Rajiv Kumar’s house on Sunday (January 3rd). The police opposed it, after which political violence started in West Bengal.

TMC politicians face scam

TMC Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh, who was arrested in the Shardha scam, was the first TMC leader to be arrested in November 2013. Ghosh was the group CEO of Chitfund scandal company Sharda Group’s Media Unit. The second leader to be arrested in this case was Shrinjoy Bose. TMC Rajya Sabha MP Shrinjoy was arrested on November 21, 2014, by the CBI. They are accused of taking part in the scam from Mastermind of the scandal and the Saradha Group CMD Sudipto Sen. On December 14, 2014, the CBI arrested Madan Mitra, a close friend of Mamta Banerjee, who was then Minister for Transport in Mamta Government. Madan Mitra was praising the mastermind of the scam in the Sharda Group’s programs on several occasions, Sudipto Sen.

In the Sharda scam, CBI had arrested former West Bengal DGP Rajat Mazumdar in September 2014, who is currently the vice-president of TMC and is sitting on dharna with Mamta. According to the CBI, Rajat Mazumdar has worked as a security advisor for the Sharada Group. The name of TMC vice president and MP Mukul Roy also came out in a sting operation involving the Saradha scam in 2016, after which the CBI questioned him. After this, Mukul Roy, who is said to be the right hand of Mamta Banerjee, stood the BJP’s favor.

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