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'Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will change constitution like Hitler' said Kejriwal

Coming close to the Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has sharpened the attack on PM Narendra Modi. Arvind Kejriwal, who arrived to inaugurate the construction work of sewer, gutters, and roads in Mustafabad, North East Delhi on Sunday targeted at PM Modi and Amit Shah. Arvind Kejriwal said Hitler, the pair of PM Modi and Amit Shah a threat to democracy.

Arvind Kejriwal is seeking votes for Aam Aadmi Party candidates in different parts of Delhi these days. Explaining the math of the vote bank in Delhi, Kejriwal raised questions on the BJP government's five years. Demanding a vote for Lokpal in-charge Dilip Pandey from North East Delhi in Mustafabad, Kejriwal said, "In the last 5 years, the pair of Modi and Amit Shah did so much fool of the country, no one did it in 70 years. If the pair of Modi and Amit Shah win in 2019, the country will not survive. Modi and Amit Shah will stop the elections, the constitution will change. "

Kejriwal further said that Hitler had come to Germany in 1931 and Hitler had changed the constitution, stopped the elections, and Hitler died, he remained the President of Germany, Modi and Amit Shah did the same. Modi and Amit Shah's couple have poisoned the country, have fought Hindu and Muslim relations between themselves.

Arvind Kejriwal also accused BJP of doing politics of breaking the country and saying the reason for defeating PM Modi said, "70 years ago when the country was free, then a Pakistan became a Hindustan, Pakistan has been for 70 years to Hindustan Were trying to weaken and poison, but for 70 years, Pakistan was weak in its efforts. The work that Pakistan did not do in 70 years is that of Modi and Amit Shah. I am ready to put in 5 years, it is necessary to defeat two pairs. I am worried about the country."

Arvind Kejriwal is also appealing to the people of Delhi not to vote for Congress. During these public meetings these days, Kejriwal is often seen targeting Sheila Dikshit. Explaining the reason for not giving Congress the vote, Kejriwal said that "Mamta Banerjee can defeat BJP in West Bengal, not Congress, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh can defeat BJP, not Congress, in the same way in Delhi. BJP can defeat Aam Aadmi Party, Congress can not. Congress can not defeat BJP in seven seats in Delhi. "

Do you agree with Arvind kejriwal

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Delhi High Court rebuts Haryana on stopping Delhi's water, High Court need affidavit till Monday

The Delhi High Court has reprimanded the Haryana government for the deduction of water given to Delhi. At the same time, the High Court warned Haryana that if Delhi's water was stopped like this then the court itself would make a high-level committee and will examine the reasons why it prevented the water from Delhi. At present, Haryana has reduced the water given to Delhi by 30 percent.

The High Court told Haryana's principal secretary that on the serious complaint of Delhi Jal Board, he should give us his affidavit till Monday and tell why Delhi's water is being stopped. The court has said that if he is not satisfied with the affidavit of the Haryana Government, then be prepared for investigation through High-Level Committee.

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has filed an application in the High Court saying that Haryana has cut Delhi by about 30 percent of its water. The Delhi Jal Board has said in its petition that in the month of January only the water crisis has started increasing and in the coming months, if the water gets less than this speed, the problem of water in Delhi will take a vivid form in the summer.

This is not the first time that Haryana is accused of stopping the water of Delhi, but this time the Delhi High Court is very serious about the problem. In such a case, the Haryana Government's affidavit coming to the court, in this case, will be very important on Monday. The Delhi High Court will next hear the matter on February 5.

Is water scarcity a serious problem

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After 7 years of being victim of government's absurdity, the kabaddi player Manisha reached the court

A few days ago, Haryana's famous shooter Manu Bhakra also tweeted for his honorary amount, which was a minority of the Haryana government. On which Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij asked Manu Bhekar to apologize instead of giving his honorable amount. Kabaddi World Cup champion Manisha, who now lives in Samoa of Tohana Light Village of Fatehabad district of Haryana, has sought the court to get her right.

In 2012, the daughter who won the medal for her country, now the daughter is knocking in court against her own government. After seven years have passed since the promises of the Manisha government of Samana, the village of Tohana Light, Fatehabad district of Haryana, which illuminates the name of their country in the Kabbadi World Cup, have not forgotten those promises. Now the matter has reached the court to turn the promise into a real fight.

Manisha is a national kabaddi player and not only participated in the Kabaddi World Cup held in Punjab in 2012 but also got a gold medal for the country while performing its best. There was a lot of applause of Manisha at that time. The reception was held and congratulations also.

But greetings also got a promise. The promise was to get a job in the state But that promise of employment is just a promise, it can not be made reality. Manisha is aware of the fact that the government could not fulfill her promise and filed an application in court due to the same conflict.

Also, through the court, the government has asked the government why its government's arrangements to fulfill its promise have become elusive and why it has not been able to get its right.

According to the family of Manisha, her daughter did not leave any core work in bringing a medal for the country of hard work, but the government did not fulfill its desire to fulfill its ambition and hence Manisha now has a complaint with the government system and the same complaint is now knocking in the court.

Should Government need to fulfill her promise

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DCW has done 700 percent more work than previous commission

Swati Maliwal, president of the Delhi Women's Commission, claimed that the amount of work done by the Commission in his tenure was more than 700 percent against the previous commission. He said that since the reorganization in the year 2015, the commission worked on 52 thousand 473 complaints, which is 700% more than the work done by the previous commission in 8 years. His claim has surfaced when Delhi Chief Minister Vijay Kumar Dev visited the Delhi Women's Commission office.

Actually, the Chairman of the Commission, Swati Maliwal had met the Chief Secretary last week. Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary expressed the desire to visit the Delhi Women's Commission's office and to see the work. Subsequently, on Monday, Vijay Kumar reached the De-Block office of Dev Vikas Bhawan. Meanwhile, he met the staff associated with various programs of the Commission and appreciated the functioning and achievements of the Commission. At the same time, they gave assurance of providing all possible assistance to the Delhi Women's Commission. She was accompanied by Rashmi Krishnan, Secretary of Women and Child Development Department.

During this, Swati Maliwal informed the Chief Secretary about the works done by the commission in the last three and a half years and have been informed about various programs of the commission. He said that since the reorganization in the year 2015, the commission worked on 52 thousand 473 complaints, which is 700% more than the work done by the previous commission in 8 years. The Chairman of the Commission, Maliwal himself had done more than 2 thousand complaints in 3 years, while the previous chairman of the commission had worked only on one complaint in 8 years.

He told that the Commission visited several Shelter Home and Community Centers. Along with rape and sexual violence, the victims met. In the last three and a half years, the Commission has carried more than 800 visits. In addition, the Commission sent more than 175 recommendations to the government in policy matters, whereas the previous commission had sent only one recommendation to the government in 8 years. Apart from this, the Women's Commission has appealed to the courts to assist victims of sexual offenses through the Rape Victim Support Center in the last 3 years on 35 thousand 606 dates.

11 thousand 670 cases of sexual violence were reported by CIC and 6,952 cases of sexual violence were reported from the intervention of the Commission. In the last two-and-a-half years, 2 lakh 35 thousand phones were received on 181 women helpline, those who were taken action and 43 thousand 497 visits were carried out to assist the women trapped in trouble by the mobile helpline program. Not only this, more than 10 thousand 619 complaints were registered in the Commission's women's Panchayat centers and 15 thousand 843 community meetings were conducted in 2 years.

Maliwal also told the Chief Secretary about the problems faced by the Commission, including the lack of space and staff in the office. He told that due to lack of space in the office of the commission, the complainants are very crowded. On this, the Chief Secretary assured full cooperation and said that the Commission would be provided extra space on priority. He praised the staff of the commissioner working day and night despite many difficulties to help the women stranded in trouble. He assured that steps will be taken to make the police and the commission's work relations fluent.


Do you think DCW has done work more than the previous commission

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11 killed in swine flu in Gururgram, number of suspected patients reached 52

The number of swine flu influencers is increasing in Gurugram. After snowfall in the hilly areas, cold weather continues in the plains and the number of swine flu affected patients has started to increase. According to the health department, the number of swine flu patients has increased to 11 in the district. On Friday, swine flu has also been confirmed in four new patients. All these patients are currently admitted to a private hospital, where they are being treated. All the samples of patients were sent for examination in the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), after which four patients have been confirmed to be suffering from swine flu. Also, the number of suspected patients has reached 52. 

GurugramAfter the dengue sting, swine flu is spreading its leg. Gurugram Health Department has also been alerted about the swine flu. Patients and local residents are being alerted by the Department of Health. So far 52 suspected cases of swine flu have emerged in Gurugram, all of these cases are from B-Katagiri. For this treatment, do not grow in this C-Categagrave, to make proper treatment for it, an isolation ward has been constructed at Gurugram Government Hospital. Where additional doctors have been deployed with the increase in the contents of a Tamiflu. At the same time, 65 volunteers have been reserved for Swine Flu patients by the health department in Guruvra's private hospitals.

The Gurudam Health Department has appealed to the people to send children to the school by putting a mask and putting a mask in crowded localities. Make the body full of cloth and boil it with water. If the signs of swine flu are shown then go to the doctor immediately. The Health Department has also appealed that the rate of check-up of swine flu cannot be more than Rs 4500. If a person takes more than a fixed limit to check the money, then the CMO can file a complaint at the office number 0124-2322412. 

Do you think after dengue, swine flu is spreading its leg

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