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Abhay from INLD will charge allegations made against the nephews

Abhay from INLD will charge allegations made against the nephews

Rohtak. The leader of Opposition Abhay Chautala has targeted his nephew Dushyant and Digvijay on Sunday. He said that these people had already conspired to break the party, so both the nephews met BJP state in charge Anil Jain and Congress MP Deepender Hooda. Abhay said that soon it will be disclosed with complete evidence that on what date this person meets whom. Indian National Lok Dal leader Abhay Chautala met the media in Rohtak on Sunday. He expressed deep dissatisfaction over the demolition in party offices. Referring to the incidents of subversion in Rohtak, Ambala, Jind and Jhajjar offices, he said, “If anyone misunderstood that they will occupy it would be a big mistake. In this regard, there is a plan to meet Rohtak SP. First will wait what action they take. If not, it means all this is happening on the government’s hand.

He said there is no place for indiscipline in the party. Neither Chaudhari Devi Lal did not tolerate such a thing nor did Om Prakash Chautala. Even if I do such anti-party activity then I can be shown the way out of the party too. Because of this, some people, who were required to be removed, were fired.

Regarding the mayor’s election in the municipal corporation, Abhay said that the BSP will contest 1 election, and four times the election will be contested by INLD. While addressing Bhupinder Singh Hooda, he said that the first 10 years of Hooda will be accounted for when the INLD government comes, what Hooda has done during this time.

Along with this, Abhay announced to start the Haryana Harmony Tour from December 1. He told that this journey, starting from Kurukshetra on 1st day, will continue till the construction of the SYL canal, which is called the lifeline of Haryana, is not started.

Abhay Chautala also responded to Abhishek Chautala’s reaction to the demolition of INLD party offices in the state and said that the party office is under the in-house and complaints have been given to the police against the vandalists in the offices, but so far the police No case has been registered against the police, it is clear that this is happening at the behest of the BJP government. He said that party offices will not be allowed to be mercilessly, but those who will be happy will have to leave the office.

The Leader of the Opposition said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has told Dushyant Chautala, a well-informed MP, that like Kejriwal has done with Navjot Singh Siddha in Punjab, he will do the same with Dushyant and Dushyant will know about this soon. After this Abhay Singh pointed out at the General Assembly organized by All India Jat Reservation Conflict Committee in Chautala village Jasia and fiercely attacked the government.

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